Looking for different 'creative projects' to support and fund my studies and efforts related to animal(herpetofauna) conservation, documenting and preserving medicinal plants. As I navigate a post lockdown era, tech layoffs and other chaos, I am open to a variety of projects that allow possibilities of remote work.

Product Design

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I have been working in Product UX and UI designer for 7 years and web design since back in 2009. I am looking for short term freelance design projects related to preferrably holistic health tech, wearable tech, or product/platform in holistic health industry.

Audio - Video Production and Podcast production

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This is another side project of mine to build mini–video production setup, and podcast production. I have done a few podcast setups from simple one microphone setups to higher end multi–camera setups.

Artworks – Linocut, Digital Illustrations, Vector illustrations

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I am make nature and Amazonian curanderismo inspired artworks. Currently open to doing freehand illustrations to vector illustrations for people looking for this style of artwork for their products, services or brands.

Writing – Research on various medicinal plants and sacred medicines

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Things like lockdowns, social isolation, work from home and other modern lifestyle choices or factors shaping the society are creating stress and further disconnection. There is now more than ever need to provide well structured information on various medicinal plants and sacred practices. People need new ideas, and resources to navigate life beyond PTSD, Big 'T' and small 'T' life traumas. I want to bring more nuanced conversation into this to prevent corporate interests hijacking conversation.
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