I am passionate about medicinal plants, entheogens, sacred medicine practices, Amazonian indigenous communities and other natural medicines. I spent around a year exploring natural medicines from different parts of Central and South America. I explored some parts of Andes mountains, lowland Amazon, to dense jungles in western Amazon. I have gathered new information on over 80 medicinal plants. I participated in a few Master Plant Dietas and various medicine protocols with a few Amazonian medicine maestros(expert traditional botanists).
Living in various parts of the Americas and attending Biohacker summits, conferences, and Meetup events, I noticed variations in the quality of healthcare from country to country. Some diseases are treatable in the US and India, whereas those diseases might not be treatable in Canada. I feel the onus is often on the patients or family members to do their own research and seek 3rd or 4th opinions. Medical systems cannot be painted with broad strokes; each has its pros and cons. Some systems are expensive and advanced, while others are more accessible and equally effective.
I enjoy exploring preventive alternatives and natural, accessible medicines that have undergone research studies. Overall, I prefer a simpler lifestyle with as few processed foods and inflammatory oils as possible.
Note: I do not prescribe these medicines, and please consult your own healthcare practitioners. These presentations document my experiences and include grounded scientific research, as well as parallels in geographically distinct folk medicines.

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Ayahuasca – Sacred Medicine of Amazon Rainforest

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Kambo – Frog peptide derived medicine
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