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Looking for projects and work experiences that enrich my life and bring me a step closer to my north star of working in forest and land conservation with my designs systems mindset and problem solving abilities.
Looking for projects and experiences in the following fields:
  1. Ethnomedicine, plant medicines related writing opportunities (Field research/Research)
  1. Holistic healing related products and digital applications (Product and UX Design)
  1. Videography and documentaries (Creative storytelling projects)
  1. Marketing and Branding (Strategy and Execution)
  1. Bio-construction and permaculture design

UX and Product Design Projects 2011 – 2023

Just a quick glimpse in to my User Experience design world.
Just a quick glimpse in to my User Experience design world.
I have worked as a Product and User Experience Designer for the last 7+ years in companies/organizations of various sizes. Now, I plan to to take my skillsets in product, design, and media to handle and take part in more dynamic and innovative projects.

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Interested in working with people in Sustainability focused ethical digital products, Forest Conservation, Off–grid Solutions, Solar Power Systems, Visual Artists, and bio–construction skills for creating prototypes, artworks or simply an inspiring piece of art that allows people to reconnect with nature. Contact me