Design Conferences, Communities and Meetups

Some design communities I am a part of..

I highly encourage designers and other people in tech industry to checkout design communities in their city or just start one if there isn’t any.

If you are a designer in Vancouver, you might have been to some of these events too.

Transitioning Into UX Research - August Edition of UXResearchTO

Transitioning Into UX Research

UX and Content: The Power of Process w/ Misty Weaver

Product Owner/Manager Certifications Aug’17

Putting the Shopper at the Centre – E-commerce UX Lightning Talks

VanUE May ’16

E-commerce UX Lightning Talks

UX and Content: The Power of Process w/ Misty Weaver

Information Architecture Content Strategy Apr ’16

UX and Content: The Power of Process

Style and Class Vancouver presents Design and Content Talks

Style & Class Aug ’16

The Design & Content Conference 2016

Design Storytelling

Travis Gertz at Type Brigade №26: Breakpoints & Flashpoints

Type Brigade No.26: Breakpoints & Flashpoints Jun ’15

Travis Gertz – Breakpoints

Mandi Wise – Content-First Content Management

Content-First Content Management – Mandi Wise

Type Brigade №25: An Evening with The Crans

Type Brigade No. Mar ’15

An Evening with The Crans

Global Service Jam '15

Persuasive Design workshop

Lunch & Learn – Data Analytics, Electronic Arts

Brainstation Lunch and Learn Aug ’16

Data Analytics Journey

Global Service Jam '15

Global Service Design Jam Vancouver ’15

NYU TischAsia Film School Singapore

NYU TischAsia Singapore ’10

Film production tour

Optical Motion Capture Demo at NYU TischAsia

NYU TischAsia Singapore ’10

NYU TischAsia Motion capture lab

Martin Parr, Magnum Photos

Martin Parr, Magnum Photos, Singapore ’10

Street and Documentary photography

Optical Motion Capture Demo at NYU TischAsia

Calf Animation, Anime Con, Singapore ’10

Japanese Animation History, Stop-motion Animation Masterclass

Martin Parr, Magnum Photos

Design Week, Saskatoon ’17

Architecture and Design talk

Optical Motion Capture Demo at NYU TischAsia

UX Therapy meetup, Vancouver ’14

UX talk with Whitney Hess

Photographs, videos on this page, as usual are taken by me. I have also added these photographs to their respective Meetup event. If you need high resolution photographs from one of these design events or some other event where you saw me helping organizers/volunteering contact me.

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