Akshay loves design, products, business and philosophy books

Below are some of my favourite art and design books. I have read most of them cover to cover.

Business books for product designers

Growth Hacker Marketing
By Ryan Holiday

Intercom on Startups
By Intercom

Leaders Eat Last
By Simon Sinek

4 Hour Workweek
By Tim Ferris

Business Model Generations
By Alex Osterwalder

Presentation Zen
By Garr Reynolds

TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking
By Chris Anderson

By Gary Vaynerchuk

Must have design books for people who want to become designers

Basics Design 01: Format
By Gavin Ambrose

1,000 Icons, Symbols, and Pictograms: Visual Communications for Every Language

The Vignelli Canon
By Massimo Vignelli

Basics Design 02: Layout
By Gavin Ambrose

The Fundamentals of Typography
By Gavin Ambrose , Paul Harris

Logo Design Logo

The Icon Handbook

Pretty Much Everything (Haven’t started reading this yet, srry folks)
By Aaron Draplin

Frontend development related books for designers

Smashing Magazine Book 5 – Responsive Web Design
By Vitaly Freidman

Javascript and JQuery
By Jon Ducket

Book of CSS3
By Peter Gasston

Autographed copy of Learning Responsive Web Design
By Clarissa Peterson

Product design books for designers

Lean UX
By Eric Reis

By Nir Eyal

Get your Priorities Straight
By Uservoice

UX design books

Content Strategy for the Web

100 things every designer needs to know about people
By Susan Weinschek

Design for Emotions
By Aaron Walters

Content Strategy for UX Designers
By GatherContent

Don’t make me think
By Steve Krug

Philosophy books for designers

Become what you are
By Alan Watts

How to think like Da Vinci
By Michael Gelb

Tao Te Ching
By Lao Tzu

Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism
By Lama Anagarika Govinda

Art books for designers

Steal like an Artist
by Austin Kleon

How to draw comics the Marvel way
by Stan Lee

Drawing from life
by George Bridgman

War of Art
by Steven Pressfield

Show your Work
by Austin Kleon

Design as Art
by Bruno Munari

Photography books for designers

How to see and take better pictures
by John Hedgcoe

Basic Photography 01 Composition
by David Prakel

The Visual Dictionary of Photography
by David Prakel

Vancouverites love judging a book by its cover, hence a page with my favourite book covers hahaha. Photographs on this page (except for the header), belong to the authors of these amazing books or the publishers.