App Design Checklist

A list of things that need to be covered in any App development process. Everything from brand guideline to email copy.

I have been a part of two app development, first one a Cloud SaaS and other a simple iOS app.

Marketing collateral

  • Email Copy
  • Web Copy
  • App Documentation for users/customers
  • Press Kit
  • Social media content guideline
  • High concept pitch
  • Customer Development
  • App research documentation
  • App users persona
  • Customers List ( People whose problems the app will solve )
  • Brand Guideline

App Production Manual

  • Design Philosophy ( Really helps in decision making )
  • Typography
  • Copy and microcopy
  • Color Scheme
  • Interaction design guideline
  • Blank states
  • Icon set
  • Notifications copy
  • Dummy App data
  • Feedback messages
  • Error messages
  • Internal app documentation for the team
  • Responsive Content Strategy
  • Module URLs
  • Gamification system guideline
  • App Structure
  • App screens
  • App modals
  • App sections
  • App Technical considerations
  • Testing Criteria
  • Ideal usage scenario
  • Userflows
  • Task and clicks
  • Heat map
  • Keyboard Input mapping
  • App Control Centre (for admins and usage monitoring )
  • APIs and open source segments
  • Technology and Infrastructure.
  • App Walkthrough
  • Future Ideas

If you have thought through one full page worth content for each of these items then you have a complete picture of your App, if not you need to work on it.

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